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Create A Private Garden

Make a loved one or a child a closed garden group to invite friends and family to share

Build Up Content

Everyone in the group creates content and messages for the loved one

Publish to a Book

With one click publish your memories into a complete downloadable file, and get it made into a book

What Our Fantastic Users Say


"I love the ability to download my entire garden, now that is really something different"

Roger Wintheiser


"EraBloom is where my family will spend our time on social media from now on"

Arlene Wisozk


"I wanted a change from Facebook and I feel so refreshed using EraBloom"

Sherwood Leannon

Welcome To EraBloom

Bloom into a new Era. No political ads, positivity is our culture, and family is our focus! 

  • PLATFORM DIFFERENTLY - At EraBloom we are making a different atmoshphere than your typical social media platform. We stand for something different and our userbase knows that 
  • NO POLITICAL ADS - We skipped political ads and made EraBloom geared more towards family and positivitty. No shocking news content or horror stories here
  • MAKE YOUR GARDEN YOUR OWN - You can fill your content with only people and feeds you wish to get info from. Ad content is spaced to give a more welcoming feel


Help leaves grow with a trickle


Contribute to a garden with Water


Create your Garden 


Plant in your Garden, Grow!